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Welcome to my website!

-Gabe Whitley

Fighting Big Tech is one of my goals. Facebook, Twitter and any other Social Media platforms can not silence Hoosiers without being fined. Corporations are not exempt from violating the first amendment when caught working with the Government to silence Americans. 

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Welcome to my website!
Hi, my name is Gabe Whitley and I plan on serving my community. This past year I have been mentored by a Indiana State Rep to understand how the State Legislators works. I have helped numerous of Conservative Candidates campaign races, I also founded a Organization to teach Hoosiers how to be active and how to fight for conservative values. I have been a Conservative my whole life and I plan on fighting for our tradition values.  I am Pro life, Pro 2nd Amendment, and when Elected I plan to pass bills that are Constitutional. Last year we saw the State and local Government cripple small businesses, force people to stay in their home, assaults our 2nd Amendment, executive decree forced on Millions of innocent Hoosiers. We Hoosiers were deprived our liberties and our freedom. Covid-19 didn't commit tyranny and ignored our Constitutional rights, Government did. My Goal is to limit Government's power, pass Criminal Justice Reform bills, forgive all Employment Benefits, abolish Planned Parenthood, allow Hoosiers to sue Big Tech when they are censored, legalize Marijuana, abolish Red Flag Laws and end Critical Race Theory being forced on our kids in public school. 

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